Top 10 Baby Strollers for 2018

Strollers, baby buggies, pushchairs, prams. There are almost as many different names as there are options out there! But one thing that’s unanimous…they’re essential.

With any new baby comes a lot of change and the right stroller can quite literally help you navigate that change and your new life. A stroller is a big purchase and it’s one that requires a lot of research – so kudos for putting in the time to discover which stroller is best for you. It’s definitely an investment that both you and your baby will be thankful for!

We’re confident that our Top 10 List of the Best Baby Strollers for 2018 will give you all the information you need to pick the stroller that best fits the needs of you, your baby and your lifestyle.

So will all of that said, there’s only one thing left to do…review!


1 – “The Rolls Royce of Strollers” – UPPAbaby 2017 VISTA Stroller


Travel set by UPPAbaby Vista Stroller - Best Baby Strollers 2018 Why We Love It…
Although this is a list for 2018, we had to include the 2017 VISTA model. It’s not the cheapest stroller but it’s super high quality and futureproof! Not only does it come with a bassinet – perfect for your newborn – and a toddler seat – perfect for a toddler – but…and this is a big but…it’s able to fit a second bassinet, infant car seat, or regular stroller seat with an adapter. So the VISTA stroller can grow with your family.
Beyond this, it’s also very easy to install and UPPAbaby offers great customer service and even hold ‘tune-up’ events where you can meet directly with their Tech Team and get exclusive and complimentary tune-up services.

What Could Be Better…
It’s certainly not the lightest (but it’s also not the heaviest) weighing in at 26.3 lbs but the carbon frame means that UPPAbaby have definitely gone above and beyond to keep the weight down.


What Other Parents Say…

This is the best piece of baby equipment my husband and I purchased. I can’t relate enough how much I love this stroller.– Lindsey S

What I love most is that we have ONE stroller, not an umbrella stroller + travel system + car seat buggy + jogging stroller + …. The UPPAbaby does it all!– Cindy



PriceStarting from $799.00
Weight rangeUp to 50 lbs
Stroller weight26.3 lbs
WheelsShock-absorbing front & rear suspension with puncture-proof wheels
SeatFront and rear facing toddler seat with rain and bug shields
StorageExtra-large, easy-access basket
CanopyEasy slide canopy is height-adjustable to accommodate a growing child
Folding One-step fold and stroller stands on its own once folded.


Hear from UPPAbaby…

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2 – “The Ultimate Modular Setup” – Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System


Baby Travel System Stroller - Best Baby Strollers 2018

Why We Love It…
In one sentence; it’s an extremely versatile stroller that will last you from newborn to toddler.

With 3 different seat setups, plus the option to reverse the seat direction (so your baby can be facing you or forwards) you get a total of 6 different ways you and your baby can stroll together.
Another great perk to this stroller is that you can easily take the car seat from the car and snap it right into the stroller, without taking your baby out (or waking them up!).
We also love that there is a huge storage basket underneath to fit all of your essentials. In short, it does pretty much everything, all for under $300.

What Could Be Better…

This stroller really packs a punch with all that it offers, from the versatility to extra storage space, cup holders, and quick switching between modes. One thing that could be improved is that the wheels aren’t suited for rough terrain types. The recommended max. weight isn’t the highest on the market at 35 Ibs.


What Other Parents Say…

This stroller has been a dream. It is by far the easiest assembly I’ve ever had for a stroller (it took just minutes to set up, and everything was extremely intuitive)– AJ

I can not describe how happy I am with this purchase! I absolutely love it, very simple, very easy to install, very lightweight, gorgeous color for a boy or a girl!– Inobot T



Weight range35 lbs
Stroller weight38.5 lbs
Stroller dimensions25.5" x 34" x 74"
WheelsCruiser wheels for smooth ride although not suitable for rough terrain.
SeatReclines fully. Plus comes with a SafeMax car seat for added versatility.
StorageExtra-large low cargo basket. Plus parent cup holder & removable child tray
Canopy3-panel canopy provides full coverage with peak-a-boo window.
FoldingEasy-fold, requires both hands.


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3 – “The Jogger’s Choice” – Baby Jogger Summit X3


Baby Jogger Stroller - Best jogging stroller 2018 Review - Best Baby Strollers 2018 Why We Love It…
If you’re planning on heading outdoors for a jog with your toddler, then look no further than the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller. It’s competitively priced and has all of the functionality that you’d ever need.

The patented quick-fold technology means it’s also very practical and it can be collapsed with just one hand.

It’s large 16″ rear wheels and the sizable 12″ front wheel provide a ton of stability whilst your jogging and pushing the stroller at pace. The tires are air-filled too, unlike other strollers on the market, meaning they’re great for soaking up shocks from any bumps along your route.
Finally, we really dig the hand-operated rear brakes which give you that extra control on hilly or uneven terrain.

What Could Be Better…
We’d love it even if the stroller stood up when folded and we’d reallllly love it if there was a cup holder for a water bottle – essential for any jog!

What Other Parents Say…

I cannot even write how much I love the Baby Jogger Summit X3. I used this very day (at least 5+ miles) for two years.It has held up through rain, snow and a two-year-old.– Matthew S

This stroller is a parent’s dream. Easy to maneuver, especially one-handed. Open and close one handed too. I love the handbrake for big hills. – KM



Weight rangeUp to 75 lbs
Stroller weight32.2 lbs
Dimensions46" x 38.2" x 41.5"
WheelsAir-filled. Remote wheel lock on handlebar to switch between swivel & locked mode.
SeatLarge seat & adjustable five-point safety harness. Reclines to a near flat position.
StorageSeat back storage compartment and a large under seat basket
CanopyUV 50+ sun canopy
FoldingPatented 'Quick-Fold Technology' - folds with one hand.


Hear from Baby Jogger…

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4 – “The Safe Choice” – Britax B-Agile & B-Safe 35 Travel System


Baby Jogger Stroller - Best safest safe stroller 2018 Review - Best Baby Strollers 2018
Why We Love It…
The Britax B-Agile & B-Safe 35 Travel System is the go-to choice for any parent wanting the highest level of protection for their child.

The B-Safe 35 car seat has a deep foam-line shell that minimizes the side-to-side movement to maximize protection. There’s also a bunch of additional safety features, like spring-assisted recline, which definitely comes in handy when installing the B-Safe seat in the car.

The B-Agile stroller is constructed of strong & lightweight aluminum and with its 3-wheeled configuration, it’s not only light but it offers exceptional maneuverability.

What Could Be Better…
The B-Safe car seat is super sturdy which means it isn’t the lightest – but it’s definitely not the heaviest and still easy to carry. The added depth of the seat also means your child may get a little warm so definitely something to consider.

What Other Parents Say…

Love, love, love Britax. It’s one of the safest travel systems out there. Their products are extremely user friendly, which is spectacular for busy moms like me.– Kerri M

My husband and I love this travel system. The stroller is easy to fold up and take with us, and the car seat is easy to use as well. We feel like our little babe is very safe in it.– Cory J



Weight rangeUp to 55 lbs
Stroller weight18 lbs
Car seat weight + base19 lbs
Stroller dimensions22.75" x 40.5" x 38.25"
WheelsAll-wheel suspension for a smooth ride
SeatLarge 20" seat back in the stroller and car seat.
StorageLarge lower storage basket
CanopyUV 50+ sun canopy
FoldingOne hand system. Stroller can stand upright when folded.


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5 – “The Most Customizable” – Baby Jogger City Select LUX


Baby Jogger City Select LUX - Best Baby Strollers 2018Why We Love It…
We’re blown away by the versatility of this stroller. There are over 20 (yes 20!) different ways you can customize this stroller to fit all of your growing needs. Planning on having another little one soon? Don’t worry about having to buy a new double stroller when that day comes, start with the LUX and buy the second seat attachment to convert it into a double stroller. You can also buy a bench seat for your older child to sit on and stroll with you
Now what’s really impressive is that you can also add a glide board to accommodate a THIRD child.

The price may scare you away at first, but you’re really getting a stroller that you can keep customizing to fit your needs, rather than buying multiple strollers as your family grows.

What Could Be Better…
To make the most of this stroller, you will have to buy the additional add-ons separately, which can get pricey. Oh and it’s one of the heaviest strollers out there but that’s due to the strong and highly durable materials used.


What Other Parents Say…

This stroller is basically a Cadillac in the stroller world, and be darn if I don’t love every minute of it. – Ariana B

This stroller is by far light years ahead of the competition. This stroller will grow with your family! So many configurations and options for whatever you need!– Cary K



Weight rangeUp to 45 Ibs
Stroller weight46.3 lbs
Dimensions30.4" x 21.5" x 11.1"
WheelsAll wheel suspension. 12-inch air-filled rear tires. Front wheels can swivel and lock.
SeatMulti-position reclining seat. Includes a 5-point stroller harness.
StorageLarge storage basket and two integrated seatback pockets.
CanopyUV 50+ protective canopy with peak-a-boo window. Fully removable and can be raised.
FoldingTwo-handle folding system operated from the front. Not self-standing.


Hear from Baby Jogger

6 – ” The Safe All-Around Choice” Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System


Chicco Bravo Trio Stroller Travel System - Best Baby Strollers 2018Why We Love It…
It was easy for the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System to make our Top 10 list. A standout feature is that it comes with Chicco’s #1 rated car seat. It has an impressive safety rating and includes shock absorbing foam to make sure your little one is safe even during an accident.

What makes this stroller really great though is how easy it is to go from stroller to car seat – great for busy parents! As with a lot of our Top 10, it’s also super easy to fold with just one-hand.

Another perk we love is the parent tray with cup holders – super useful and just a nice bonus.

This stroller will also last you from infant to up to 50 pounds, so you can start with the car seat and transition to the stroller seat as your baby grows.

What Could Be Better…

Even though this stroller has a parent tray with cup holders, it doesn’t include a child tray (although you can buy one for an additional $29.99).
We also wish the stroller had a lock option when it is folded down. Aside from these two things though, we’re impressed with the Chicco Bravo! 

What Other Parents Say…

It does everything that many of the overpriced systems do, and in my opinion, it is better in many ways.– Kris

It’s a good quality product, fairly lightweight, easy to collapse and open-up (even with your hands full), but at a much more reasonable price.– J. Tea



Weight rangeUp to 50 lbs
Stroller weight23 lbs
Unfolded dimensions29” x 23.8” x 18.9”
Folded dimensions16" x 28" x 21.75"
WheelsAll-wheel suspension, foam filled wheels. Lockable front swivel wheels.
Seat5-point harness. Reclinable seat with removable protection head insert for newborn.
StorageExtra large storage basket and parent tray.
CanopyAdjustable and removable.
FoldingOne hand fold and self standing.


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7 – “The World Record Holder” – gb Pockit Stroller


World's smallest folding stroller gb Pockit Stroller - Best Baby Strollers 2018
Why We Love It…
If you are looking for the lightest and most compact stroller, look no further. It even holds the Guinness World Record for the most compact stroller! Granted it is an umbrella/travel stroller but no top 10 would be complete without it.
Weighing just 9.5 lbs, this stroller is the perfect option for on-the-go parents looking to travel light. In fact, it is so small and compact when folded down, that you can even fit it underneath your airplane seat or in a large purse!
This light and mighty stroller is strong too and able to handle up to 55lbs! Keep this in mind when considering the cost because this stroller will last you as your child keeps growing.

What Could Be Better…
The canopy isn’t huge, so it only offers minimal sun protection for your kiddo and the seat is in a fixed position. However, there’s a solution in the form of the gb Pockit+ which has a larger canopy and a reclining seat. Keep in mind that you’ll have to dish out a few more pennies for this upgrade though.


What Other Parents Say…

We needed an extra single stroller to take to Disney and this was perfect. It folds up so tiny — it’s amazing really! We were able to fit it under our double stroller and just pull it out when one of the older kids needed a break!– Terri D

Not only is it super compact and portable (which is my go-to feature when it comes to kids stuff) but it feels super sturdy and well made.– Katie R



Weight rangeUp to 55 Ibs
Stroller weight9.5 lbs
Dimensions28" x 17.5" x 39.8"
WheelsLockable front swivel wheels
SeatSeat comes with adjustable safety harness and protective comfort pads
StorageSmall low-storage basket
CanopySmall overhead canopy
FoldingWorld's smallest folding stroller - folding down to 11.8" x 7" x 13.8"


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8 – “The all-terrain king” – BOB Revolution PRO


Baby Jogger Stroller - Best Baby Strollers 2018
Why We Love It…
Whether you’re taking a stroll through the neighborhood or jogging a trail with your little bundle of joy, the BOB Revolution PRO offer versatility by the bucketload.
With an adjustable suspension system, durable air-filled tires and a hand-activated rear brakes (for the ultimate downhill control) this stroller ticks a lot of boxes. We love it!
It even comes with an adjustable padded handlebar so it can adapt to all heights, making your stroll…or jog…that much more customizable.
Oh and if that wasn’t enough the stroller reclines to a fully flat position means you can walk to your heart’s content with your newborn.

What Could Be Better…
It’s not the lightest stroller – weighing in at 30.5 lbs. Again, with other jogger strollers, we’ve like to see a cup holder. The two-step folding mechanism also requires both hands. However, this is still a very solid all-rounder!


What Other Parents Say…

It’s super easy to maneuver and the wheels roll on any sort of terrain (at least everything I’ve tried). We’ve taken it over grass, down gravel roads, and even down on the sandy beach.– C. Dionne

Great for joggers or walkers who wish to take their child on adventures.– Christine K



Weight rangeUp to 75 lbs
Stroller weight30.5 lbs
Stroller dimensions44" x 25.4" x 43"
WheelsMade of high-impact polymer. Swiveling-locking front wheel. Air-filled tires.
SeatReclines fully. Ultra-padded seat with ventilation and a five-point harness.
StorageExtra-large low cargo basket provides 15% more storage space than previous models.
CanopyExtra-large UPF 50+ canopy. Includes a large viewing window.
FoldingTwo-step fold. Requires two hands.


Hear from BOB

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9 – “The Go-To Affordable Choice” – Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller


Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller - Best Baby Strollers 2018 Why We Love It…
Without a doubt, the best thing about this stroller is that it’s really really light! Its aluminum frame means that the whole stroller only weighs 13 lbs – ideal for those times you need to carry your stroller.

The lightweight nature of this stroller doesn’t mean that its durability is sacrificed though. In fact, it can hold up to 50 lbs which means it’s one of the lightest and most durable strollers on the market.

There’s also a large seat area so it’s great for infants and toddlers. We also really like the 5 point safety harness which also adjusts to 3-height positions – very useful as your child grows!
And last it has 4 seat positions and can recline to a near flat position. We like this because it means it great for napping and those on-the-go diaper changes.

What Could Be Better…
When you consider the functionality and the price point it’s hard to complain! If we really had to pick one thing it would be that the seat doesn’t recline totally flat. But then all things considered we love the 3Dlite™ Convenience Stroller.

What Other Parents Say…

I bought this stroller for a vacation to Italy and I couldn’t have been happier.– Rachel S

The best umbrella stroller out there. It’s lightweight and comfortable for baby. It reclines as well and has a cup holder. I absolutely recommend. – Akriti S



Weight RangeUp to 50 lbs
Stroller Weight13 lbs
Dimensions43″ x 10″ x 9″
SeatLarge seat area with 5-point safety harness & multi-position recline
WheelsAnti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
StorageExtra large storage basket & rear storage pocket
CanopyAdjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor
FoldingEasy compact 3-D fold with carry strap


Hear from Summer Infant

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10 – “The One That Can Fit Two” – Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller


Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller - Best Baby Strollers 2018Why We Love It…
No matter the ages of your children, the Graco DuoGlider can probably handle it! And for the price – you can’t get better value!

A nice feature of this double stroller is that the seat nearest you can fully recline, making it perfect for your newborn, whilst the front seat can also recline, just not fully. The stroller is also compatible with any Graco infant car seat too – a big bonus!

Not only this, it’s as far as double strollers go, it’s pretty lightweight – only 29.5 pounds.

Lastly, the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect folders very easily. You can fold it with one hand (after removing trays and canopies) and it easily stands upright on its own when folded.

What Could Be Better…
Access to the bottom storage can be tricky when the back seat is reclined. The seats include 3-point harnesses, so not 5-point like some alternatives. Aside from this, for the price, you can’t go wrong.



What Other Parents Say…

It’s ideal for my two girls – newborn and 2.5 year old. What I like the most is how well it suits kids with this age difference – it has a few full seat options for my older daughter– Lindsay P

“I love this stroller! It fits my kiddos comfortably with room to grow. I like that if the toddler is in the back, he can still see over the baby in the front. I looooove that the back seat goes flat for easy napping on the go. – Emily K



Weight rangeUp to 80 Ibs total - 40 lbs per seat
Stroller weight29.5 lbs
Unfolded dimensions36" (L) x 20.5" (W) x 41" (H)
Folded dimensions29.5" (H) x 20.5" (W)
WheelsLockable front swivel wheels with suspension
SeatTwo reclining seats with individual canopies and footrests. 3-point harnesses.
StorageSizable storage. Plus parents tray and 2 cup deep holders.
CanopyTwo canopies - one for each seat.
FoldingOne-hand folding. Stands when folded.


Hear from Graco

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